Nicoletta Arbusti is psychologist, psychotherapist, member of the Order of the Psychologists of the Region Latium.
She is an independent professional woman and she has been an expert at the Tribunal of Florence.
She graduated in Clinical Psychology at the University of Rome and in Education at the University of Florence.
As a student under Prof. Giovanni Mastropaolo, psychologist and educationalist of world-wide renown, she started her post-degree training at the Institut Maïeutique of Lausanne ( Switzerland ),whose President has been Prof. G. Mastropaolo. The Institut Maieutique is a Foundation linked with the University of Lausanne, the UNO of Geneve and with the International Red Cross.
Her formation in the field of clinical hypnosis is related to the collaboration, as a student, with Prof. Ulderigo Giannaccini, famous phisician and hypnologist and with CIICS ( Italian Center of Experimental Clinical Hypnosis ) of Turin, founded by Prof. Franco Granone, Psychiatrist and Head-Neurologist.

In her professional field she has always taken a great interest in the studies of creativity, voice, sounds, in the metalanguage, in the psychotherapy and in the clinical hypnosis.
She has been the spokewoman in various conferences and symposia in Italy and abroad.
She has published several articles in scientific reviews on the themes concerning the psychotherapy,hypnosis and creativeness.
Jointly with Ulderigo Giannaccini she is the authoress of the “Handbook of oneiric logotherapy in Hypnosis“, published in 1990, and three volumes edited by the Institut Maieutique, in French. She has taken care of the publications of various texts for several Italian publishing houses.

She has founded the Cultural Association Consonanze ( 2005 ) in Florence, for the divulgation of the knowledge of Psychology in relation to kindred disciplines For the Association she attends to the external relations and the cultural projects.

In 2015, after a Project I realized in Florence, in collaboration with the Westin Starwood Hotels, called ” Dichecibo6? ” – ” WhatFoodRU? “, I decided to found the company “WhatFoodRU?” that includes ART!GOSH! LifeStyle and DICHECIBO6? Edizioni.



Nicoletta Arbusti